Jennifer Lopez

Since holding Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez was never empty of gossip got engaged and married. J.Lo also feel frustrated when the ring he wore was the talk. Now he asserts that the ring with diamond eyes it's not an engagement ring.

"Gossip! Do not be fooled by the diamond," J. Lo wrote on his personal website, on Friday (8/6). "There is no engagement whatsoever!"

It pushed the issue of an engagement ring on May 27. At that J.Lo and Casper attended the release of new single "Goin 'In" at Hyde Bellagio, Las Vegas. Marc Anthony's ex-wife seemed to be wearing a large diamond ring on her finger that gave rise to speculation engagement.

Previously, J.Lo brondongnya boyfriend took it to the premiere of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" in Los Angeles. When that Casper tells his feelings dating J.Lo. He even admitted headache of having to pay attention to the clothes she wore.

"He (J.Lo) have a high sense of fashion. It makes me have to work harder and pay attention to what I wear," Casper said on Access Hollywood. "I can not walk around in sweats and a state of undress. I have to look presentable."

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