Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian seems to begin to relax their own response to his appearance. He was a cool show off pictures of himself dressed in torn through Instagram.

Embarrassing incident that occurred when Kim comes to the television show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" in Los Angeles. Kanye West's lover comes dressed in a tight knee-length leather wrapped body. Not unexpectedly in the last minute before shooting the dress was actually torn.

"Going to Jimmy Kimmel and the rest of my dress ripped! Help!" Kim wrote on Instagram. "It's time to sew, pray that it works!"

As a result the back section of this 31-year-old celebrity had tereskpos. Fortunately, a personal assistant Kim immediate first aid and managed to sew it shut again. After that he returned to continue shooting smoothly.

Something like this is not the first time that happened to Kim. Previously, he was also a media meal because clothing label. It was apparently still attached and sticking out from under the dress she wore.

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