Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez more confident. He did not hesitate to show off her chest graced the July issue of Elle magazine. Selena also appear to flirt with sensual poses and expressions.

Actress "Spring Breakers" This looks sexy while posing on the beach wearing a bra. The appearance of "brave" he also pointed to the dress of the metal that makes the whole skin peeking out from behind the clothes. Her sexuality was not separated from the influence of Jennifer Lopez who he idolize as a child.

Not just a sexy pose, Selena also talks romance Justin Bieber. He was flattered when her boyfriend was hired around the Staples Centre, Los Angeles, to watch "Titanic" to be alone. Romantic incident was just one of many similar things done Justin.

"He (Justin) is really very romantic," Selena said in an interview with Elle. "When in the car I just say that I really wanted to watch 'Titanic' again and then it came to pass ..."

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